About Supercharge and our history

In 1985, Supercharge.co.uk became one of the pioneers of toner recycling in the UK. Clients wanted great service, low prices and quality products. Our business continues to thrive based on our 'Service/Price/Quality' philosophy.

Supercharge was one of the first businesses to master recycling technology, which continues to this day in Cambridge. Printer consumables and printer functionality have forged ahead since then. Supercharge continues to give customers choices in the following areas:

  • OEM toners/inks
  • Recycled toners/inks
  • OEM compatible paper
  • OEM printers and refurbished printers

Customers, then as now, needed quality that fit their budget. Recycled consumables could save 50% plus because, in 1985, the first OEM toners cost around £90 – Supercharge recycled the same toner for £45 – a saving of 50% on a toner which printed the same number of pages for lower cost and the same quality.

Customers told us that quality that matches the OEM toner is important, so we test all toners before shipping them to customers. We put a test sheet for each toner in the box that goes to the customer.

Toners and inks have remained the core of our business. We have responded to customer needs by providing printer consumables for all makes and models of printer/fax machine/copier and multifunction printers.

In 1985, choice was limited to a few printer suppliers, and all toners and inks were mono. We now provide printer consumable solutions for both mono and colour printers. Supercharge.co.uk continues to respond to the needs of its customers.

To drive our business, Supercharge sold OEM and own brand printer consumables to meet all customer requirements. We sold a mix of OEM and recycled products to suit all customers.

Being in this business in the early growth years means that we have a wealth of experience to pass on to our customers.

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